Great white shark brutally killed diver

Great white shark brutally killed diver

The brutal attack in the Gulf of California, Mexico, has been confirmed as the first fatal shark attack of 2023, and it saw the beast rip victim Manuel Lopez’s head clean off.

A swimmer has been killed in a brutal fashion after a great white shark ripped his head off and bit into his shoulders.

The grim attack happened on January 5, and has been confirmed as the first fatal shark attack of 2023.


Manuel Lopez was scuba diving in Bahia de Tobari (Tobari Bay), Mexico, when a six-metre-long great white shark attacked him.

He had no air tank, as he was using surface air, Tracking Sharks claims.

Lopez had been diving for scallops, which are found as deep as 18 metres in the area, but was set upon by the beast at around 11.30am.

A local spokesman, Jose Bernal said: “He was diving when the animal attacked him, impressively ripping off his head and biting both shoulders.

“Local divers had been warned about the presence of sharks in the area and most had not been out for several days.”

It is believed that Lopez ignored the warnings because he needed to fish to make money – he is one of many divers and fishermen who pay the local government a yearly fishing stipend of around £309 (7,200 pesos) to fish there.

The experts at Tracking Sharks state: “Great white sharks are most prevalent in the Gulf of California (where the attack happened) during December and January when pregnant female sharks enter the area.

“The sharks will often search for fat-filled sea lions to feed upon due to their high caloric count.

“Several anglers have stated that they have inadvertently caught sea lions in their fishing nets, and in several cases when they have a sea lion, great white sharks will often approach their boats as they are pulling in their nets.”

It has been reported that the Bay was closed for 24 hours after the attack.

No further details have been released about the poor bloke, and local officials have yet to comment on the horrific incident.