How to make ice cream

How to make ice cream

Easy and delicious ice cream recipe. Many of us have a formed opinion that it is impossible to make ice cream at home and it is pointless to suffer.

But this is a misconception. Here is an incredibly easy and delicious recipe that is worth spending time on and then, being satisfied with the result, just sit back and enjoy it.

According to taste preference, you can make it with berries, popok, chocolate and more.

One of the most popular options is ice cream made with lemon juice.

1 hour of condensed milk – 380 grams

Lemon – 1

Method of preparation:

Squeeze the lemon juice (30 ml is needed), stir in the cream, and stop stirring when you notice that it hardens. Then add condensed milk and mix.

Pour the resulting mixture into the mold that you will put in the freezer to cool. After 2 hours, take it out of the freezer, mix it (even with a fork) and put it back in the refrigerator until the final cooling (6-8 hours).