Playboy model crashes Ferrari into pool

Playboy model crashes Ferrari into pool

Playboy model Francia James, 32, asked fans to rate her driving after she jokingly posted a skit claiming to have “crashed a sports car into her pool” in Florida․

A Playboy model left fans cackling with laughter after climbing out of a pool she just “crashed” a Ferrari into.

Francia James is known for sharing comedic and occasionally risque skits with her 11million Instagram followers – usually featuring some form of body paint or costume.

But in her latest video, the model took it one step further by appearing to crash a red Ferrari – bonnet first – into her swimming pool in Florida.

The 32-year-old model then appeared to exit the supposedly “crashed vehicle” and walked through the pool leaving her clutch bag and party dress completely drenched.

Once out, she shook the water off and strutted away barefoot, with a pair of black heels in her hand.

All was not as it seemed, however, as the vehicle had been cleverly edited into the video using CGI.

Captioning the post, which gained more than 133,000 likes, she quipped: “I’m a very good driver, how about you?”